Liquid Nitrogen Generator

Liquid Nitrogen generators

Triton 2+ LN2 AC10, LN20 Compact, LN20 AC, LN20, LN30 AC, LN30, LN65 AC, LN65, LN130 AC, LN130, LN240 and LN480 ( and bigger) liters per day, 99-99.5%. So small and medium laboratory LN2 liquid nitrogen generators


Noblegen LN2 liquid nitrogen generators  are a simple plug and produce LN2 solution. An internal PSA nitrogen generator combined with a cryo-cooler, helium compressor and internal dewar all controlled through a colour graphic HMI touch-screen gives a fully automated system at the touch of a button.


The Noblegen  LN2 liquid nitrogen generator is based on the Gifford-McMahon technique of a cold-head design with the compression and expansion of helium to obtain low temperature cooling. The systems are specifically designed for applications where a certain gas must be liquefied and transferred to an internal storage vessel which can then be dispensed to the application.


Internal oil-free air compressor with autoclave (anti-bacteria) suction filter. PSA nitrogen gas generator to give -60°c pdp nitrogen gas.Sterile filter on nitrogen gas line to cryo-cooler.Reliable low maintenance helium compressor unit.Cryo-head is part of the dewar assemby for efficiency of production.Liquid nitrogen outlet valve and transfer hose provided.


Produce your own Liquid Nitrogen and eliminate deliveries.

Less waste – cold head keeps the dewar cold and reduces boil off compared to standard dewar.

Efficiency - Once internal dewar filled the system goes into standby, saving power.

Cleanliness – Closed loop system of nitrogen PSA, cryo-cooler and sterile filter ensures internal dewar is only filled with clean dry nitrogen gas and produces clean / pure liquid nitrogen.


- IVF clinics / hospitals for storage of samples.

- NMR spectrometer to keep liquid helium cool and prevent boil off.

- Artificial insemination centers

- Universities with research biological material

- Seed preservation