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Mini Pro Biodiesel plant

Price : 31,000.00 / 1 Piece(s)

Biodiesel-MINI Pro systems can be used to conduct the reaction of fatty acid etherification (obtaining complex esters via the interaction of fatty acids in the presence of catalyst, and for further separation of complex esters and glycerol phases in manual mode. Biodiesel-MINI Pro systems can also be used for precise dosing, mixing and further processing of any liquids which are non-aggressive to the module’s materials, for example the injection of depressors and other additives in (bio)diesel fuel with the aim of producing “winter" (bio)diesel fuel. Do not use Biodiesel-MINI Pro equipment to process liquids, if the equipment does not conform to the requirements established for those liquids or if the materials of the equipment components are not intended to be used with the liquids in question.
The user should stick to the dosing, mixing and processing technologies established for the specific liquid types, or technologies, which have been developed independently.
Biodiesel-MINI Pro modules are intended for continuous operation and do not require any special servicing provided that the user adheres to the established operating conditions.

Personnel required for Biodiesel-MINI Pro equipment control and service: one operator with technical training.
The operators should familiarize themselves with the Manual and technical safety rules before operating this kind of equipment and must strictly adhere to these rules while operating the equipment.
Repairs of Biodiesel-MINI Pro systems under warranty should be conducted only by the manufacturer or by a repair shop authorized by the manufacturer.
The right to repair under warranty becomes null and void, if the requirements of this Manual are violated or if the machine is damaged or dismantled by the user without authorization.

Details :

1. Technical parameters
Capacity (maximum), liters per shift (8 hours)/ per day 800 / 2400
Rated power, kW 7
Weight, kg 290
Overall dimensions (L x W x H), mm 1850×1570×1650
Operation mode continuous
Processing efficiency, kWh/liter (max) 0.03
Inlet pressure, bar ≥0.1



Type Mini Pro Biodiesel
Brand Name Pita /CT
Color Grey

Additional Information

Product Code MiniPro Biodiesel Plant
Min. Order Quantity 1 Piece(s)
Payment Terms T/T
Delivery Time 12 weeks

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